LIVIN for HOCKEY is concept that was brought to life by a group of past & current Hockey players, led by Australian Hockey International Glenn Turner and former National Hockey League player Patrick O’Connor. The primary focus is to encourage people of all ages to develop better physical and mental health through playing Hockey. The program will have a specific focus on mental health awareness which it aims to deliver through the promotion around Hockey of the mental health movement LIVIN. LIVIN was established to break the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and to reduce the rates of suicide around Australia. LIVIN focuses on education, raising awareness through cool gear and is well known under the hashtag #itaintweaktospeak.

Both Glenn and Patrick have battled with severe mental health issues in their lives. They are advocates for achieving good mental health through supportive Hockey teammates, mental health awareness and the physical activity that comes with the sport. The initial commitment is 3 years, however the plan is to successfully develop the program in the Canberra & Goulburn region and then to branch out into other Hockey communities around Australia.

The program will have a specific focus on mental health awareness with junior hockey teams. Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australian’s. The program aims to demonstrate the positive benefits playing hockey can have on teenagers with mental health concerns, that are not currently playing a sport.

You can find out more about Livin for Hockey at their website