President’s Message

Good afternoon all,

I hope this finds you doing as well as can be expected in these challenging times.

By now most of you will have picked up Hockey ACT’s messages about the competitions. In short, there will not be any further junior or senior round games this season. A decision on whether finals can take place will be made in coming days.

This news will be disappointing to all. Some would have loved just one more game with friends and family. Others may have needed to secure further points to make the finals. That said, I think given the current uncertainty about when, and how, things will open, HACT had little choice. Let’s hope that we can at least see a finals series, as we have several teams that are genuine title contenders.

I know that being involved in hockey provides an important social outlet and way to connect with the broader community. It is for me. For that reason, as I did during the last lockdown, I encourage you all to reach out to teammates, past and present, to see how they’re traveling. Current exercise allowances even provide an opportunity for small groups to exercise outdoors together.

Dr Kate McCallum has asked me to remind members that Canberra GPs recently received additional Pfizer vaccinations.

Finally, recent scenes in Afghanistan will have been heartbreaking for many. In particular, those men and women who served there over many years. This is, of course, not a political statement. A number of our members have served in Afghanistan and I simply want them to know that we value and respect their enormous contribution.

Look after each other and hopefully see you at a few OCHC finals.

Kind regards,






The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Old Canberrans Hockey Club Incorporated (OCHC) will take place on Monday, 15 February 2021 in the Lakers Room at Lyneham Hockey Centre, commencing at 6.30pm.

The AGM is the general meeting convened annually for all financial club members of sixteen years of age and over.  All members are encouraged to attend.  It is the occasion for members to be informed of the club’s position and to participate in the election of office-bearers for the coming year.  Under the OCHC constitution those associated with the club, e.g. coaches, umpires, other non-playing officials and life members are eligible to attend in addition to the club’s registered players aged 16 and over.

Information about the duties of the club’s officers and committee members can be obtained by emailing   The club’s officers and committee members are elected annually.  Those wishing to stand for election and those wishing to nominate someone for election are encouraged to do so before the AGM by emailing

Agenda: in the standard format, i.e.:

Welcome: Attendance registration and Apologies received.

Minutes of previous AGM (30/1/2020): Reading and confirmation.

Annual Report of 2020: presented by OCHC President.

Financial statement:  1/11/2019-30/10/2020 presented by OCHC Treasurer.

Election of officers-bearers for 2021: principally for the following positions: president; vice-president; treasurer; secretary; men’s coordinator; women’s coordinator; juniors’ coordinator; HIN2H coordinator.

General Business: if any arising.

All Checks Players in the 2020 winter season commencing 10 July 2020:

Old Canberrans Hockey Club wishes its teams a good season. 

We all need to be continuously mindful of Hockey ACT’s Return to Play Guidelines which can be found on the Hockey ACT website [ ].  Until further notice, Hockey ACT, its facilities and all involved in its competitions continue to operate under the ACT Government’s Stage 2 COVID-19 restrictions and regulations.

Go, Checks!

OCHC Secretary

Dear members,

I hope this finds you all well, although I appreciate that some of you will no doubt already been affected by COVID19, either because of the need to self-isolate and/or work and study interruptions.

OCHC has been monitoring the evolving situation carefully and taking advice from medical professionals as to the best way to proceed.

Last night Hockey ACT indicated that, at this stage, the senior competition will commence on Friday 27 March 2020. This is of course dependent upon the clubs being willing, and having sufficient numbers, to participate. Hockey ACT’s CEO, Robert Sheekey, indicated that there would be considerable flexibility with respect to the fees imposed on clubs, as there remained a possibility that the competition would have to be adjourned at some stage if the COVID19 situation in the ACT deteriorated further.

Hockey ACT is of the view that there was a real risk of losing the entire season if we do not secure registrations and at least make a start on the season.

Hockey ACT said that it is acting on advice from the Minister for Youth and Sport and has implemented several measures it says reduce the risk of infection and transference. Those measures are available on the Hockey ACT website. Hockey ACT has said that it will continue to monitor the situation.

OCHC advised Hockey ACT that our committee’s preference was for a delayed start to the season given the current uncertainty as to how the situation might evolve over the coming days and weeks. We also indicated that our registrations were well down, which we felt was due to uncertainty in the community about the health risks associated with playing and uncertainty about whether the season would go ahead and, if it did, how long it would be able to continue for.

With the decision having now been made to press on with the season for the time being, OCHC needs to quickly assess how many of our members intend to play on the weekend commencing 27 March 2020.

If you intend to play this season and are prepared to play on the weekend commencing 27 March 2020 you need to register by Sunday 22 March 2020. The committee will meet again on Monday to review the situation and viability of entering teams.

Hockey ACT has indicated that it will waive forfeiture fees for teams that enter the competition but ultimately have to withdraw.

If we do not enter a team in a particular grade at this stage, and the competition does start on 27 March 2020, we will have to assume that teams will not be able to join the competition at a later date in 2020.

Whilst Hockey ACT has indicated that there will be flexibility in respect of fees, they have not as yet provided any details in this regard and so players should assume they are committing to the full season. That said, I would anticipate that as a minimum, Hockey ACT would only bill us for games played (at least in a proportional sense).

Your committee has been working very hard grappling with this complex issue and Dr Kate McCallum in particular has proved an invaluable source of information for both OCHC and the broader hockey community – thank you Kate!

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will keep you informed as best we can. Whilst we will continue to seek information from Hockey ACT and other peak bodies, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to independently make decisions that are in the best interests of our members and in this regard welcome any feedback or information our members may wish to pass on.

While player retention, cost and logistics are important factors in deciding whether to proceed with and/or delay the season, the health and wellbeing of our members is our overriding concern. We are also very conscious of the need for OCHC to play its part as a member of the community and to do what we can to ‘flatten the curve’.

I encourage you all to reach out to, and to look after, one another. Old Canberrans Hockey Club has a tradition of looking after both its members and the broader community, and current circumstances provide an opportunity for that sense of mateship and community spirit to be on full display.

Stay safe and talk soon.

Seyi Onitiri

OCHC President


Registration for juniors and seniors is now open at

If you are a new player, please follow the instructions and click register at the bottom of the page.

If you are a returning player, please follow the instructions and click renew at the bottom of the page.

If you have any issues, please contact your coordinator asap!

LIVIN for HOCKEY is concept that was brought to life by a group of past & current Hockey players, led by Australian Hockey International Glenn Turner and former National Hockey League player Patrick O’Connor. The primary focus is to encourage people of all ages to develop better physical and mental health through playing Hockey. The program will have a specific focus on mental health awareness which it aims to deliver through the promotion around Hockey of the mental health movement LIVIN. LIVIN was established to break the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and to reduce the rates of suicide around Australia. LIVIN focuses on education, raising awareness through cool gear and is well known under the hashtag #itaintweaktospeak.

Both Glenn and Patrick have battled with severe mental health issues in their lives. They are advocates for achieving good mental health through supportive Hockey teammates, mental health awareness and the physical activity that comes with the sport. The initial commitment is 3 years, however the plan is to successfully develop the program in the Canberra & Goulburn region and then to branch out into other Hockey communities around Australia.

The program will have a specific focus on mental health awareness with junior hockey teams. Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australian’s. The program aims to demonstrate the positive benefits playing hockey can have on teenagers with mental health concerns, that are not currently playing a sport.

You can find out more about Livin for Hockey at their website